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About Jack & Sherri

I am an anesthesiologist, and Sherri is a nurse anesthetist. We are advocates in patient safety in the perioperative setting. We use our medical expertise to care for patients undergoing surgery before, during, and after, to keep them safe and comfortable.
The advancement of technology in biomedical engineering and pharmaceutics has shaped how we practice anesthesia today. The invention of pulse oximetry is one example of how technology and science have helped us in monitoring patients perioperatively, thereby improving patient safety.
While technology has played an essential role in medicine, nothing can replace the importance of medical knowledge. The practice of anesthesiology requires continual medical education to stay up-to-date with the most current standards of practice. As lifelong learners, we believe in the importance of early education in STEM-related subjects, which are practical in real-life applications. Looking back at my early childhood years, I wish we had STEM education available; however, the curriculum offered were considered appropriate for our grade level by educational standards, so there was little room for advancement. As a result, we feel that enriching and immersing our children into STEM-related curriculum early-on can be very favorable and useful later in their lives.
When we started searching for franchises, we wanted to get into a business that we can be passionate about owning. We wanted to own a business that we can have a lot of fun with and willing to work extra hard to be successful. STEM For Kids piqued our interest as it is one of the fastest-growing franchises and it is ranked as the Top 500 Franchises in Entrepreneur Magazine in 2019. Furthermore, STEM For Kids is a business that we can relate to. Ultimately, we chose STEM For Kids as our franchise, because of the dedication and devotion our CEO, Moni Singh, has in sharing her vision for the children of the 21st century, by creating awareness and bringing STEM education to our local communities.

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